Supported by the resources of Pure Power Engineering, PV Pros brings an industry leading collection of experience, skills, and NABCEP professionals to elevate the current state of O&M in the industry.

About PV Pros – PV Pros is a top provider of O&M services in the northeast. PV Pros specialties include inspections, commissioning, preventative maintenance, and repairs on commercial and utility scale solar PV systems in the northeast. www.PVpros.com

About Pure Power Engineering – Pure Power is a top solar engineering firm, specializing in commercial and utility scale solar PV systems throughout the US. Our engineers’ diverse experience in all phases of solar project development, construction, and operation provides us with a broad perspective on all aspects of the system throughout its entire life cycle. www.PurePower.com

President’s Message:

Since entering the solar industry in 2009, I have been leveraging my team’s previous construction experience to design value-engineered systems that don’t just look good on paper, but help installers build quality systems faster, cheaper, at lower risk. We have been very successful in helping our clients reduce upfront capital cost.

However, completion of the construction isn’t the end of the story, it’s just the first chapter in a 25+ year life. Due to the construction boom, most of the solar industry’s technical resources are focused on capitalizing on the big contracts for building new systems, rather than spending time developing O&M. To fill this void, Pure Power Engineering teamed up with PV Pros to help elevate the state of solar O&M in the industry. O&M is a critical aspect of a solar project that we need to understand right now to ensure new systems are designed and built from the start with not just capital cost in mind, but full lifetime cost and LCOE.

With such close collaboration between the companies, both stand to elevate their games to the next level:

  • PV Pros O&M team has access to Pure Power’s team of 13 engineers to assist in any technical matter. PV Pros is taking advantage of PPE engineers’ expertise in PVSYST and performance analytics to direct the technicians into any issues that need to be addressed.
  • Pure Power’s engineers are crossed trained in O&M, getting hands on with systems to see what are the best practices we want to continue, and bad practices we want to stop by designing away in future drawings.

Between the two companies, there may not be a better concentration of technical knowledge, skills, and experience in the industry.

To learn how PV Pros or Pure Power Engineering can help you with your O&M or Engineering needs, you are welcome to reach out to:

If given the opportunity, I’m certain either company will exceed your expectations.

Thank you,

Richard Ivins, PE
President of PV Pros & Pure Power Engineering

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