About the PV Pros

PV Pros is a nationwide leader in Operations & Maintenance and Independent Engineering services for owners, investors, and asset managers of solar and storage systems. We manage your technical needs while you focus on the financial aspects of development, acquisition, and ownership.

PV Pros is the most knowledgeable and experienced team because of our
combination of engineers, electricians, and NABCEP technicians:

Professional Engineers

Professional Engineers

Our in-house engineers hold PE licenses in 45+ states and have collectively designed over 500MW of commercial and utility scale solar projects. Our knowledge of codes, engineering, and equipment ensures your system is technically sound, safe, and reliable.

Licensed Electricians

Licensed Electricians

Our multiple in-house licensed electricians have the experience and credentials to work on PV’s high voltages. Our electricians have 10+ years of electrical construction experience, so they can handle the most challenging repairs.

NABCEP Technicians

NABCEP Technicians

Our trained technicians have extensive preventative maintenance experience including years spent in R&D and performance test labs measuring and modeling real-world performance. You can rest easy knowing PV Pros is watching over your system.

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