Expert Witness

Our Subject Matter Experts represent your interests in disputes, presenting facts and evidence backed by technical analysis. Our diverse technical expertise will ensure we discover the root causes of any incident.

Solar Inspection and Solar Commissioning
  • Dispute Resolution

  • Insurance Claims

    Keep your insurance company honest by having your own professionals evaluate the issue.

  • Subject Matter Expert

    With over 240 years of combined solar experience of our staff, we will always have the answer.

Learn about PV Pros

Now that you learned about solar O&M, next step is to contact the professionals to provide the services you need.

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Technical Buyer’s Guide For Purchasing Existing Photovoltaic Systems

Technical Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing Existing Photovoltaic Systems

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O&M Veteran Corey Brown Joins PV Pros

O&M Veteran Corey Brown joins PV Pros

Solar O&M veteran Corey Brown joins PV Pros as our Field Service Manager. Corey brings…

Photo Of The Week – Wire Management Practices

Photo of the Week - Wire Management Practices

Array wire management is an area where different materials and practices are deployed. There is…

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