Job Description – Technical Asset Manager

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Job Description

PV Pros is seeking an experienced Engineer to lead the technical asset management of large portfolios of solar assets. The engineer shall possess a wide range of experience and understanding in the design, installation, operation, maintenance, & repair of commercial and utility scale solar PV systems. This position offers tremendous opportunity for growth and advancement as the business expands.

Responsibilities include the following:

Primary Responsibilities

Technical Asset Management

  1. Primary responsibility for the operation of solar assets.
  2. Main point of contact to client for those sites the candidate is managing.
  3. Onboard and set up new sites & portfolios.
  4. Analyze reports and alerts escalated from operators.
  5. Create cases and send to client for approval.
  6. Convert cases to work orders with SOW, price/budget, and schedule and pass to field service coordinator for dispatch.
  7. Coordinate with dispatch & field service team the execution of their work.
  8. Provide technical and troubleshooting assistance to field service technicians (usually remotely from the office, occasionally on site).
  9. Review reports from the field and send to client
  10. Notify accounting of completed work orders ready for invoicing.

Performance Analysis & Alarms

  1. Measure, quantify, and analyze the performance of the overall PV system, as well as sub systems and individual components.
  2. Set up and review alarms. Determine if a case should be created or technician dispatched.
  3. Assist with configuring and troubleshooting monitoring hardware.


  1. Create reports.
  2. Quality control of technician’s reports and deliverables.
  3. Review and analyze results of technicians work and test results.

Business Development

  1. Expand he relationship with your clients to manage more sites.
  2. Support the sales team by providing input on proposals, reviewing technical specifications & SOW, estimating man-hours and materials, quotes, and proposed schedules.

Secondary Responsibilities (Opportunities to add value beyond your day to day responsibilities)

Safety Plan

  • Assist in the development of the company’s safety policies, particularly how to safety work on electrical equipment and use testing equipment in accordance with OSHA

Procedures & Standardization

  • Work with office and field staff to standardize procedures for solving issues encountered in the field.
  • Create standardized forms the techs will use in the field. Create methods to digitize all forms, so that they can be quickly turned into a deliverable report.
  • Tools & Test Equipment: Develop tool and testing equipment standards, including which tools/ testing equipment the company should standardize on, how to use the tools, which tools should be present in all vans, and which should be shared among techs.
  • Develop training programs, such as best practices, troubleshooting procedures, and equipment use.
  • Develop and maintain a centralize knowledge base the technicians and engineers can use to troubleshoot issues.
  • Testing equipment evaluation and selection – Help evaluate and select the tools and testing equipment that our technicians should use.
  • Author white papers and blog articles for the website.


Required Qualifications & Experience

  • Familiarity with monitoring platforms (Also, Locus, PowerFactors, etc)
  • 5+ years’ experience in the solar PV industry.
  • 5+ years’ experience in electrical contracting or solar construction.
  • Able to take highly technical issues and communicate them in a manner that can be understood by non-technical clients

Preferred Qualifications & Experience

  • Engineering Degree or equivalent career experience.
  • NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certificate

PV Pros is in the exciting downtown area of Hoboken NJ, a one-minute walk from the Hoboken train station. We also provide a private parking spot for those that wish to drive to the office. Ideally the candidate is within range of commuting to Hoboken each day. We will consider exceptional candidates that are too far for daily commute but close enough to make the trip once a week.

Compensation and Benefits

We offer a competitive salary commensurate with experience. We provide healthcare, dental, vision, and 401K matching.

PV Pros is in the exciting downtown area of Hoboken, NJ, a one-minute walk from the Hoboken train station.  We also provide a private parking spot for those that wish to drive to the office. Ideally the candidate is within range of commuting to Hoboken each day.  However, we will consider exceptional candidates that are too far for daily commute but close enough to make the trip once a week.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity in the work place. This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, and working conditions. It is intended to be an accurate reflection of those principal job elements essential for making fair decisions about the job. We maintain at-will employment, where either party is free to dissolve the relationship at any time.