Visual inspections are critical to ensuring the safety of lives and property. Locating loose connections, damaged wiring, and degrading equipment is critical for stopping any problem before it causes any damage or loss of revenue.

Why do I need annual visual inspections?

Visual inspections are the first step to help determine if there are any mechanical or electrical installation deficiencies prior and post installation and it is the simplest way to determine any wear and tear on any system component. When inspecting a system, our certified technicians make sure the installation is up to OSHA standard and that it conforms with the system design set. Making sure mechanical attachments are properly secured, array is free of shading, grounding is present where required, conduit runs are supported and secured, etc., it is all accounted for in our visual inspection. Our certified technicians are trained to conduct thorough inspections making it simple to identify any deficiencies or potential hazards. At least once per year, a visual inspection is recommended to ensure high production and prevent any future costly nuisances.