Solar Preventative Maintenance Plans

The goal of Solar Preventative Maintenance Plans is to maximize the performance of equipment by ensuring that such equipment performs regularly and efficiently, by proactively minimizing or preventing breakdowns or failures, and avoiding the losses that would have resulted. 

All capital assets require regular maintenance: Automobiles, Homes, Industrial Equipment, HVAC, etc.  Solar PV systems are no different. They are exposed to the elements year in and out, and require maintenance too. The three goals of a solar maintenance plan is to: maximizing performance (generated kWh), ensure safety, and avoid future expenses by catching issues while they are small and easy to repair.

  • Annual Maintenance Plans

    Solar PV Systems are low maintenance, but they are not maintenance free! Routine maintenance minimizes downtime & increases generation revenue.

  • Warranty Management

    In order to maintain your warranty coverage, you must have documentation showing annual maintenance was completed each year.

  • Faster Response

    Providing annual maintenance on your systems allow us to respond even faster to emergency repairs. We have the full history and info on your system.

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Now that you learned about solar O&M, next step is to contact the professionals to provide the services you need.

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