Design & Equipment Review

An independent and structured review of the drawings, specifications, & equipment will minimize your risk by uncovering deficiencies in project design and identifying difficulties that may arise during the construction and operational phases.

PVsyst and Energy Models

Accurate energy models are essential for financial modeling. If a conservative PVsyst underestimates the generation, the project loses value. If an aggressive PVsyst overestimates, the project is overvalued and you may have trouble servicing the debt.  We have run thousands of performance models, as well as analysis on thousands of operational systems, so our modeling inputs are based on industry accepted standards and backed by real world data.

Performance Analysis/Reporting

On new construction, our ASTM & Capacity test are needed to achieve final completion. For clients acquiring existing assets in operation, our historical analysis and future projections are essential for accurate asset valuation. We are experts at gathering performance data, filtering it, and performing a wide array of analysis.

Development Support

When engaged early, we ensure the foundation of the project is strong and risks are minimized from the start. We support the planning of the project, and steps leading to the evaluation, selection, and contracting of an EPC.

Acquisition Due Diligence

We conduct desktop reviews and on-site inspections to de-risk your solar and storage projects. Our engineers work alongside financiers and project teams to evaluate the entire asset lifecycle, helping you make sound investment decisions. Whether it’s a new project going through development & construction, or a system that has been in operation for years, we help you evaluate the asset’s value, strengths, and risks.

Inspections & Commissioning

We have formal procedures to ensure the quality of an installation and uncover any issues affecting long- or short-term revenue generation of solar PV and energy storage systems. Inspections can occur during installation or at any point during the operation. Commissioning occurs at the end of construction, where we confirm your system is designed, installed, tested, and operating per the project specifications and owner’s expectations.