Owner’s Representative

Also known as Owners Engineer or Owners Agent, we conduct desktop reviews and on-site inspections to de-risk the project, provide expert advice on design, & monitor construction quality and schedule.

3rd Party Commissioning

QC inspections and testing are conducted with a high level of technical expertise to uncover issues that affect long or short-term revenue generation, so they can be addressed before they affect your profit.

Acquisition Due Diligence

We review all technical aspects of design, construction, and energy production to identify risks and expenses that must be modeled before your negotiation and purchase.

Monitoring & Reporting

We monitor the alarms and performance, so you don’t have to! Our national portfolio is monitored from our HQ where we will quickly determine the issue and advise you of the recommended course action.

Repairs & Repowering

Our licensed electricians and NABCEP technicians are experts at diagnosing even the most complex issues, then conducting repairs quickly and cost effectively and minimize the effect on generation and your profit.

Preventive Maintenance

The 3 goals of a solar maintenance plan are to: maximize kWh generation, ensure safety, and avoid future expenses by catching issues while they are small and easy to repair.