Photo of the Month - Dangerous Cable Tray

Photo of the Month: Dangerous Cable Tray

At this site, cable tray was used for wire management between subarrays. The wind deflector was cut with jagged edges literally pressing against the wiring. Who does this?!

The sharp edges are certainly dangerous. But is it just the start of the dangerous cable tray installation at this site. As you can see in the 3 photos below, the tray is not secured or ballasted. There is even a ballast pan screwed to the tray, but with no ballast! Its just sitting there waiting to be blown off the roof during a windy storm. The three photos below may not have the shock value of the top photo, but these unsecured objects are a greater threat to life and property once they are ripped away and become airborne (tearing away live DC wiring with it).

Dangerous-cabletray-wire-management3 Dangerous-cabletray-wire-management Dangerous-cabletray-wire-management2