The I-V Curve Tracer is a electrical test for verifying photovoltaic array performance. For each string, the I-V Tracer measures current and power as a function of voltage. Measured results are compared to the expected results, and we can immediately identify a problem, and even locate exactly which length of wire, connector, or module in the string is causing the problem.

What is I-V Curve Tracing, what are the benefits, and why is it important?

I-V Curve Tracing is the most comprehensive form of testing PV modules & strings of PV modules to determine the performance of the array in a PV system.  This testing reveals more about the PV modules performance and condition than other conventional testing methods.  I-V Curve Tracing is not only fast and reliable, but also provides feedback to technicians to diagnose issues and make repairs onsite.

Along with determining the performance of a PV Array, I-V Curve Tracing can find module issues such as soiling, shading, or series resistance, & module mismatch.  Finding these issues onsite allows technicians to make repairs, recommend array layout adjustments, support manufacturer warranty claims, and find issues that wouldn’t normally be found with conventional testing methods without needing a 2nd truck roll to the site.

Additional benefits of I-V Curve Tracing include:

  • Performance modeling
  • Expedited troubleshooting
  • System performance baselines
  • Detailed testing reports
  • Warranty claim data
  • Reduced system down time