Hall of Shame - Preventive Maintenance Edition

Hall of Shame: Preventive Maintenance Edition

Even when systems are installed with top notch workmanship…
Photo of the Week - Wire Management Practices

Photo of the Week: Wire Management Practices

Array wire management is an area where different materials and…
Photo of the Week - Enclosure Mounting

Photo of the Week: Enclosure Mounting

Enclosures are designed to be mounted from the designed mounting…
Photo of the Week - Splice Box Maintenance

Photo of the Week: Splice Box Maintenance

Wire Splices are a common point of failure that that can be prevented…
Photo of the Month - PVC Conduits

Photo of the Month: PVC Conduits

PVC conduits are acceptable when used properly (lots of expansion…
Photo of the Month - Corrosion

Photo of the Month: Corrosion

NEMA 3R and 4 inverters and outdoor cabinets may be rated for…
Photo of the Month - Improper Raceway

Photo of the Month: Improper Raceway

This installer gets full points for creativity, but fails miserably…
Photo of the Month - Maintain Vegetation

Photo of the Month: Maintain Vegetation

Two things went wrong here. First, the vegetation was not maintained,…
Photo of the Month - Wire Management

Photo of the Month: Wire Management

At this site, the intermodule wiring is zip-tied to the rails…
Photo of the Month - Mysterious Water in Enclosures

Photo of the Month: Mysterious Water in Enclosures

During O&M we often find combiner boxes and disconnect switches…
Photo of the Month - Irresponsible Inverter Repair

Photo of the Month: Irresponsible Inverter Repair

While conducting O&M on a Satcon 250kW central inverter,…
Photo of the Month - Standing on Modules

Photo of the Month: Standing on Modules

I appreciate Shoal’s new arc fault technology as shown in this…
Photo of the Month - Irresponsible Layout

Photo of the Month: Irresponsible Layout

Just when I thought I have seen it all… Notice the mid-clamp…
Photo of the Month - Awful Wire Management

Photo of the Month: Awful Wire Management

We were called out to investigate a performance issue at a site,…
Photo of the Month - Dangerous Cable Tray

Photo of the Month: Dangerous Cable Tray

At this site, cable tray was used for wire management between…
Photo of the Month - Improper Edge Setback

Photo of the Month: Improper Edge Setback

There was ample space on the roof, but the installer placed the…
Photo of the Month - Wrong Ballast Type

Photo of the Month: Wrong Ballast Type

On this system, the installer stacked ballast so high that it…